2019 Forest River Arctic Wolf Repair

This project started a few days ago and was completed in record time. Our customers came to the shop with their beautiful 2019 Forest River.

Very unfortunately, a large hole had been ripped in the upper sidewall by a protruding object. This type of accident is typical of RV camps with many trees and structural overhangs.

You can see the damage to the top of the sidewall.

On the photo, blue tape is covering the home to protect the inside of the wall.

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We marked the wall for removal and replacement, and also proceeded with patching the fiberglass in some areas that had cracked during the shock.

This is frequently the case with this type of incident: local damages extend to some other areas, oftentimes hidden from view. A detailed examination of the structure is necessary to find out cracks in the fiberglass, weaknesses in the welds, and any bent metal.

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The sidewall section is removed and ready for replacement.
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The sidewall section has been installed, other fiberglass repairs are completed.
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Here you can see the sidewall section finished to perfect match, and the new decals installed. This beautiful 2019 River Forest Arctic Wolf looks like new again!
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