RV Repair-Repaint Projects: Several Examples

RV Repair in Progress

Phoenix Cruiser RV Repair

You may have recognized the back of a Phoenix Cruiser.

This beautiful example of the RV culture came to the shop to undergo a complete paint restoration. After years on the road, the clear coat had peeled off in many areas and the paint had suffered a harsh punishment by road grime, pebbles, rocks, and various debris.

Here in this first photo, you can see that we stripped the back panel of burning clearcoat down to the gel coat. We are preparing it for catalyzed primer.

A Good Example of The Type of Paint

Phoenix Cruiser: Paint Job in Progress

At this point the vehicle is being sanded. After careful preparation work and priming, we’ll apply several coats of paint and clear. 

This RV is now back in her owners’ hands, and they are absolutely happy with the result.

All the bodywork and paint job happens in our shop in Tucson (we are right at the beginning of Barazza-Aviation Highway, on E Golf Links). We do not farm out our work. What you see is what you get. 



Rv Repair Fab of Fender Panel Refinish With Color Graphics

RV Repair: Fab of Fender Panel Refinish with Color Graphics

Our clients had a problem with their RV. A missing fender panel was temporarily replaced with a wood board, doors had been damaged. Paint had been badly scratched. 

We fabbed a new fender panel, repaired the doors, and refinished the paint including 3-color graphics. Our clients loved the result.

We can’t count the number of fiberglass repair jobs we have handled over the past 25 years. We also do specialized work on the aluminum frame of your RV when the original structure is not built strongly enough to withstand the inevitable torsions incurred by a long body on less-than-average roads. 

Sometimes, the manufacturer’s build quality is so poor that the welts don’t last: they crack and leave weak structural spots around areas such as wheel wells. This in turn creates hairline cracks in the fiberglass which, over time, expand to crack entire panels. the job then does not stop at repairing the panels, but extends to strenghtening the aluminum frame and repairing the welts. This is a type of bodywork we excel in.


Check out another full-coach paint job below…

repainted gray line looks awesome

Repainted Gray Line Coach Looks Modern

Take a look at the BEFORE/AFTER pics of this Gray Line Tour Bus! We repaired it, and repainted it from front to back, completely modernizing its look.

This is the kind of 5-star reviews we get on Google:

“When we were given a 2003 Minnie Winnie by a family member last year, she looked a mess: stickers and logos peeling, paint on the fiberglass body faded into chalk. After talking with Kent and other painters in the area, we decided to go with Artistic Elegance. I am glad we did. We are amazed at the transformation! Our Minnie Winnie now looks better than new! I am now longer ashamed to be seen in her, and I look forward to many new “glamping” adventures across the West!” (Kirk Walker)

Or this one:

“They applied Tiffin decals and painted damaged areas of our RV to perfection. The customer service was superior.”

Take a look at our Google reviews: we are rated 5 stars because we know what we are doing, and because we care.

If your RV does not look the part, call us at Artistic Elegance, and we’ll discuss how you want it to look like.

We’ll take care of your project and blow your mind! Call us: you will love the result.