RV Repair: Accident Damage to Lower Wrap to Cap

Accidents do occur. It’s always tricky to back up an RV, and more often than not, you can wind up hitting a pole. That’s what happened here, and you can see significant damage done to the lower wrap and to the cap. Some fabrication is going to be needed for this job.

We’ll show you how it looks like as we repair it over the next few days. When your RV is in need of painting, renovating, repairing, anything that will make it look great, don’t hesitate to call Kent Budish to discuss what you need. We’ll estimate the repair, repaint, or renovation work free of charge.

Bring your RV to our shop on Barranza Aviation Highway in Tucson, we have plenty of parking space to accommodate the biggest, baddest, hugest RV on the planet. Artistic Elegance has been in the business or RV repair and RV painting for a long time, and our reputation is a sure sign that you will be in good hands with us.

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