fleetwood discovery rv repair repainting

RV Repaired & Repainted: Fleetwood Discovery

An RV repair and repaint job well done. This ’99 Fleetwood Discovery was hit by a garbage truck! Not nice. Check out the third photo, that is the “BEFORE”. Lower front-end completely cracked. We removed the lower front cap and hood and proceeded with fiberglass repairs. Then we color-matched the paint, and primed-repainted-cleared this beauty.

Check out the 2nd photo to see the smooth finish of the front-end. Better than factory! The first photo shows the RV put back together, like nothing ever happened. Artistic Elegance is the hottest Tucson RV repair shop. If anything ever happens to your RV, if any fiberglass panel is cracked, of your paint is scratched, give us a call to discuss the project with Kent, the owner.

Make an appointment to bring your pride and joy to our shop, we have plenty of parking space. We’ll look at it together, discuss how we will repair everything to perfection, and we’ll give you a quote. If you are happy with it, we’ll get it going and get your back your beautiful RV in the shortest possible time. We have been a 5-star RV repair shop for over 25 years! We know what we are doing, we love of work, and we absolutely care about you and your vehicle. Call Kent!

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