3 RV Repainting Projects: Much Needed!

Repainting a Forest River RV

Here is a perfect example of what weather, age and aerodynamics will do to a front cap. This gorgeous 2014 Forest River Sierra 5th wheel has traveled a lot, under all kinds of weather. The front cap tells the story.

The pink arrows show how the paint has been totally peeled off by the constant windflow at the top, where the front cap meets the roof.

Lower on the front cap you can see the damage done by the sun and the wind to the decals. On the lower section of the front cap, there are stress cracks, the result of exposure to wind, sun, and differences in temperatures.

We need to strip the paint and decal, repair the cracks in the fiberglass, prime, repaint and apply new factory-correct decals. Big job.

When that beauty comes out of our shop, it will look so good again!

RV repair clear coat peeling fixed

Fleetwood RV Repainted: Clearcoat Peeling Fixed

This 2003 Fleetwood Revolution had an issue with the clear coat peeling off its rear cap. After stripping the old clear, we catalyzed-primed it, and refinished all the color graphics and the clear coat. 

This RV rear end looks like brand new! If you see the clear coat peeling on your RV, it’s time to give us a call to discuss the situation.

Call Kent Budish, the shop owner, and make an appointment with him to examine the damages. Artistic Elegance has been in Tucson doing RV repair, fiberglass repair, collision damage repair and repainting for over 25 years, so we have seen every project there is. We take great pride in our work, our clients know it, and that will be obvious to you when you get your RV back, fresh and great looking!

Rv Repair Cap Fully Repair Custom Painting

RV Front Cap Fully Repaired and Custom-Painted

The front cap of this 5th wheel had been damaged by a low tree branch, and the fiberglass cracked. We completely repaired the fiberglass, repainted it in a glorious white, and custom-painted the motif as the decals were not available anymore on the market. 

This fifth wheel came out of the shop looking absolutely brand-new, as if nothing had ever happened! 

If your RV is in need of repairs, or a paint job would it justice, call Kent Budish at the number below to discuss your project.

We have earned a 5-Star reputation because we really care. Our team doesn’t just master the techniques: we want you to be over the moon when you get your RV back. Call us!