RV Bodywork and Repainting: 5th Wheels Repaired

yikes this montana 5th wheel

Yikes! This Montana 5th Wheel had a Bad Hair Day

The rear cap had suffered a bad concussion. Everything was torn up. You can see how the wood and the metal frame of the rear cap had suffered. 

Nothing to stump Artistic Elegance though! The second photo shows the repaired rear cap. It is painted, with the masking tape still on.

pinnacle 5th wheel repaired

Pinnacle 5th Wheel Repaired

This beautiful Pinnacle 5th wheel had the misfortune to say “hello” to a tree branch. The front cap was busted, right where it meets the wall.

No worries, Artistic Elegance is here! 

We rebuilt the fiberglass, following a complex 3D curvature, and repainted it to factory colors. 

The damage is completely invisible, and the structural integrity of this Pinnacle RV is perfectly OK.

5th wheel paint job 1-stage paint job

Huge 5th Wheel Paint Job, Big Savings

What you see here is a mobile medical unit. It is a very large 5th wheel. The story goes this way: it came to our RV repaint shop many years ago. with a different corporate owner. We had painted it in their own corporate colors, yellow and grey. For years it was on the road doing what mobile medical units do: receive people all day long.

Fast forward several years: this 5th wheel changes hands, and the former owner recommended Artistic Elegance to the new corporate owner. New owner, new colors! The unit came back to our shop to enter the paint booth.

To save money to the new owner, we applied a 1-stage RV paint, with the clear coat integrated into the paint. On a trailer that big, the savings are massive. We are currently working on finishes to deliver this 5th wheel to its new owner.

If you need an RV or 5th wheel paint job, why not calling us to inquire about our prices and process? Call our shop. We are located on E Golf Links, right off Barraza-Aviation Highway. Call Kent Budish, we’ll discuss your project, and if you have a good feeling about us, bring your RV or trailer to the shop to give her the right make-over. You can see our Google reviews on our site or read the reviews directly on Google here.