RV Bodywork & Repaint: When a RV Hits a Pole

hit a pole not pretty

Newmar Ventana RV Hits a Pole…

A beautiful 2019 Newmar Ventana RV came to the shop last week. The owner had hit a low pole, a very frequent event, nothing special. But what was special is the damage it had inflicted to the RV. 

As you can see in the detail photos, several lower doors had been damaged, and the rear fender skirt had really been messed up.

We’ll post the repair shots below…

progress on rv repair body work almost

Progress on RV Repair Body Work: Almost Complete

2019 Newmar Ventana body work in progress to repair the damage caused to the lower doors and the rear fender skirt by a pole. 

On the pics, you can see we filled up the deep grooves that had been left by the pole swiping the doors. We are in the process of finishing the body work repair, preparing it for primer and repainting.

Check out the bodywork fully repainted below.

Newmar Ventana Repaired and Repainted - Fresh out of the paint booth

RV Fresh Out of the Paint Booth

This 2019 Newmar Ventana RV is fully repaired and fresh off the paint booth (with the masking tape still on).

We repaired all body damage (lower doors and skirts) and repainted the RV to factory colors. It now looks as if the accident never happened!

If your RV has suffered any damage due to unfortunate encounters with trees or poles, or just paint damage, give a call to Artistic Elegance.

We’ll discuss the project and when your RV comes out of our shop, it will be looking beautiful again. Our shop is on E Golf Links, on the east side of Barraza – Aviation Highway.

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