RV Repair: 2 Fiberglass Repair Projects

RV Repair: Front Cap Fiberglass Repair

RV Repair: Front Cap Fiberglass Repair

The front cap of this RV has seen better days… The fiberglass has been badly mangled by some overhead obstacle.

But Artistic Elegance can repair anything kind of collision damage on RVs. 

The pictures on this post show the original situation, and how we progressed in fixing the fiberglass.

RV Repair: Front Cap Fiberglass Repair in Progress

RV Repair: Front Cap Fiberglass Repair in Progress

We rebuilt the fiberglass curve (it’s a complex curvature with several angles), and you can see on this image that it has been primed and is now ready for paint. There is still some way to go to make it look brand-new again, but we are making good progress!

Note: Artistic Elegance can take any broken part of an RV body, repair it, paint it with full factory color-matching, apply the right decals, and make it look absolutely brand-new as if nothing had ever happened to your pride and joy. If your RV has incurred damage on the road, call Kent Budish, the owner of Artistic Elegance. We will discuss your project, and arrange for you to bring your RV to our shop for a full estimate.

Cracked RV

Do You See Cracked Fiberglass Panels on Your RV?

Folks, this is a very common issue with RVs. If you see a crack in the fiberglass panels of your RV, usually next to the corner of the panel, this is more than often than not the result of stress that broke a weld.

The factory weld had broken, and the panel had become insufficiently supported by the inner structure.

As a result, road bumps and sheer load cracked the fiberglass, creating this “hairline” fracture. When you see this, it’s time to call our shop to fix the problem. The crack will only grow worse.

We have a specific method of repairing and repainting fiberglass that totally fixes this common issue and enables you to hit the road quickly.

Call Kent to discuss the issue, send us photos, we will get back to you very quickly.