progress on rv repair body work almost

Progress on RV Repair Body Work: Almost Complete

2019 Newmar Ventana body work in progress to repair the damage caused to the lower doors and the rear fender skirt by a pole. On the pics, you can see we filled up the deep grooves that had been left by the pole swiping the doors. We are in the process of finishing the body work repair, preparing it for primer and repainting.

When we are done, it will be like the accident never happened. If you have any issue that require RV body work, fiberglass repair, and repainting, just give a call to Kent Budish at Artistic Elegance, and we will discuss your project and set up a time for an appointment. Our shop is located on E Golf Links, right off Barranza Aviation Highway.

We have been doing RV repair work for 25+ years in Tucson. We have a 5-Star reputation because we care about your pride and joy, and we know what we are doing. Give us a call, you will love the look of your RV when you take delivery of it after repair.

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