RV Repair after lower panel swiped by pole

Wonder RV Repair: Side Panels Busted

Wonder RV repaired after the left lower panels were swiped against a low pole. This kind of accident happens all the time in RV camps. The panels were busted. We took the whole lower side down for repair, from the rear wheel well to the driver’s door.

We fixed the panels, repainted them, and SHAZAM! Brand new RV! Look a the BEFORE and AFTER pictures, no retouching. If you got into an unfortunate accident in your RV and need a perfect repair, don’t hesitate to call Kent at 520-237-7985 and we’ll discuss your project, your timeline and the cost.

We are a 5-star RV repair shop in Tucson, located on E Golf Links, at on the south side of Barranza Aviation Highway. It’s a convenient location to access, no parking issue.

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