RV Collision Repair: Keystone Montana

RV collision damage - Montana 5th Wheel

Major RV collision repair work on this Keystone Montana

That wasn’t a happy day for the owners of this beautiful Keystone Montana RV. They hit a wall when backing up, and the rear wall of the RV badly suffered. The inner wall and frame needed to be repaired too, as well as the left side lower wrap.

You can see in the photos how the rear wall separated from the rest of the body, and how broken it is. The second photo shows the damage to the wood frame of the inner wall.

In the next post, we show the final result of the repair work.


Keystone RV Well Again!

This is the “feel-good” part of the story. 

Take a look at the photos: the rear cap is completely replaced with a new one, custom cut and fit. No bolts, no holes!

The lower wrap is also repaired, like there was never any damage… This Keystone Montana RV looks absolutely amazing, and fully ready to hit the road!

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