beautiful fleetwood rv repair

RV Repair: Beautiful Fleetwood

Repair & repainting work needed on that RV… Wow! This beautiful Fleetwood RV came to our shop with significant damage inflicted to the rear cap by an unwelcome pole. The fiberglass is all cracked up and needs serious repair. And when it is repaired, will need an outstanding paint job to match perfectly the original factory color and finish.

That’s all under control because Artistic Elegance has been in the business of doing outstanding repair work and refinishing for almost 30 years in Tucson! When we are done with it, the body of this beautiful Fleetwood RV will be fully restored to its former glory, and the owners will ride into the sunset with a very big smile on their face.

If your RV needs repairs, or a repainting job, call Kent Budish at 520-237-7985. Don’t hesitate to ask him any questions about your project. He will give you the answers you seek… and then some.

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