fleetwood rv repair update

Fleetwood RV Repair Update

This majestic Fleetwood RV is undergoing a major fiberglass repair on its backside cap. It got dinged pretty badly due to an unfortunate encounter with a big pole hiding out of sight. The fiberglass is cracked on a vertical line, and to repair it, we had to loosen the backside cap.

You can see this in the first shot. In the second shot, you can see the beginning of the repair, what we do to stop the crack and prepare the repair of the fiberglass, then its repainting with perfect color-matching and factory decals. If the body of your RV needs repair, or if you plan to paint it, give me a call (I am Kent Budish, owner of Artistic Elegance) using the number displayed (or click on the blue button), and discuss with me about your project.

I have been working on RV repair and RV painting projects for 25+ years, and I will share my knowledge with you without any hesitation. Artistic Elegance is rated 5 stars by our clients because we love what we do, and we know exactly what to do to make your RV look fantastic again!

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