Forest River RV Repair Project:tire damaged metal due to tire blowout

Forest River RV Repair: Damaged Metal After Tire Blowout

New 5th wheel repair project;  This beautiful Forest River Cherokee travel trailer blew out a tire on the highway, and as you can see in the top photo, the sidewall metal and the lower wrap had suffered substantial damage.

We took down all the damaged metal, replaced it, then repainted it to perfect match. We also had to replace the hot water heater door, the corner molding, and the left side light. Fortunately the damage stopped there.

Remember to check your tires carefully any time you take your 5th wheel or travel trailer out of storage, and anytime you pull out of a camp site.

Tire blowout are almost inevitable, especially in certain States where the black top isn’t in good shape, but a precautionary last-check-up before hitting the road may save you repair costs and heartache.

In any case, this beautiful Cherokee is now restored back to its full glory, and the owners are quite happy with the result. If you have any repair work to be done on your RV, or are considering a repainting project, give Kent Budish a call at the number below to discuss the scope of the project and your timeframe.

We will give you our best advice, after a full estimate after seeing the vehicle. We are a 5-star RV repair shop, with a long history of reliable work in Tucson. Check our reviews to see for yourself.

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