newman dutchstar rv repaired

Newman Dutchstar RV Repaired

Check out the “before” and “after” photos of the front bumper of this beautiful Newman Dutchstar RV. The left shot shows the front bumper after it hit a tree stump. These stumps are very difficult to see, especially when the grounds around them are not tended: weeds hide them, and this kind of problem often happens when parking your RV.

Unfortunately in this case, the damage extended to cracked fiberglass, broken trim around the side light, and broken optics on the parking light. Artistic Elegance repaired the fiberglass and replaced the trim around the side light. We repainted the front bumper to a perfect match. The lower light optics remains to be changed.

For any RV repair project, or an RV paint job, call kent budish for an advice and a quote at 520-237-7985. We have plenty of parking space around our shop, so there is no problem if you want to bring your RV. Artistic Elegance has been in the business of RV repair and painting for over 25 years, and we are a 5-star shop. We love what we do, and we take good care of our clients’ pride and joy!

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