RV Repair: 2021 Keystone Wolf Pack

The slide room of this Keystone Wolf Pack was badly hit by another RV: windows broken and wall crushed in.

The shock was violent: the inner wall got broken (middle shot), and the lower metal wrap damaged. It also badly damaged the aluminum inner structure which we had to take down.

Not a problem for Artistic Elegance: we are a 5-star RV repair shop, and no repair is too daunting for us! Follow the story, we’ll post new photos when this beautiful Keystone Wolf Pack comes out of our shop, all repaired and back in a beautiful shape!

If you have a repair or repainting project for your RV, give us a call: we’ll discuss the ins and outs of it. Bring your pride and joy to our shop, and we’ll give you a full estimate. We deal with insurance adjustments quickly, as insurers know the precision of our work very well.

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