RV Repair: Strengthening The Frame

As mentioned in our previous post, the slide room of this 2021 Keystone Wolf Pack had been badly hit by another RV. Inner aluminum structure bent, inner wall cracked, broken window, etc.

In the BEFORE shot, the orange arrow shows the bending of the vertical aluminum support bars. They had to be replaced. The pink arrows show the absence of vertical bars to support the frame better. We cut two and mounted them to strengthen the whoel structure.

In the AFTER shot, the 2 central vertical bars have been replaced (blue arrow), and teh aluminum structure has been strenghtened by 2 additional vertical bars that we cut to dimensions and mounted in the center of the openings (green arrows).

We also completely replaced the internal insulation foam, that had been also damaged in the shock.

This Keystone RV is now ready to be walled back and painted. Stay tuned, the next pics teling the end of the story will be posted tomorrow!

If your RV has been damaged or showzs signs of age, bring it over for us to examine it thoroughly. Artistic Elegance has 25+ years of experience in RV repair, RV repainting, and fiberglass repairs. We will return your RV to its original splendor! Call us to make an appointment.

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