1978 GMC Motorhome: High-End Paint Job

1978 GMC Motorhome: A High-End Paint Job Our customer brought us the iconic 1978 GMC motorhome for a high-end paint job. They had already disassembled it and started prepping it for paint. We received it in primer. We guide-coated and sanded the motorhome with a fine-grit sandpaper to ready it for paint. Click on the […]

Newmar Ventana RV Repair: Bodywork and Repainting

hit a pole not pretty

Newmar Ventana RV repair: bodywork & repaint – A beautiful 2019 Newmar Ventana RV came to the shop last week. The owner had hit a low pole, a very frequent event, nothing special. But what was special is the damage it had inflicted to the RV. As you can see in the detail photos,

RV Bodywork and Repainting: 5th Wheels Repaired

pinnacle 5th wheel repaired

Several 5th wheel repair and repaint projects. A Montana 5th wheel hit a pole, a Pinnacle 5th wheel hit a tree branch, and a large 5th wheel medical unit is fully repainted with a 1-stage paint and clearcoat.

3 RV Repair & Repainting Projects

rv repair fixing major damage

3 RV repair & repainting projects: Repainting a Forest River RV after front cap damage repair; repainting a Fleetwood RV and fixing clearcoat peeling; repairing and repainting the front cap of a 5th wheel

RV Repair: Accident Damage on Rear Cap Lower Wrap

RV Repair: Accident Damage to Lower Wrap

RV Repair: Accident Damage on Rear Cap Lower Wrap. It’s always tricky to back up an RV, you can wind up hitting a pole. That’s what happened here, and you can see significant damage done to the lower wrap and to the cap. Some

Fleetwood RVs: 2 Repair & Repaint Projects

Fleetwood Discovery RV body work: In this post we show the body work done on 2 Fleetwood RVs, a 2007 model and a 1999 model. Both RVs had some collision damage that required fiberglass, metal and wood repairs, then repainting to factory colors.

Motorhome & Trailer Repair & Paint Projects

Class C RV Repair & Repaint

Motorhome & Trailer Repair & Paint Projects: Damage due to tire blowout tire on Cherokee Trailer. Fiberglass crack on back panel of Class C motorhome. Structural damage on a 5th wheel RV… All body work and paint work done by Artistic Elegance, RV repair shop in Tucson.

Fleetwood Class A: Repairing Major Fiberglass Damage

Repairing Fiberglass on a Fleetwood Class A

Major repair of fiberglass on a Fleetwood Class A: This majestic Fleetwood Class A has to undergo major body work on its backside cap. It got gashed pretty badly, and the fiberglass is cracked on a long vertical line…

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